Council of Europe to assist in restoring human rights in Chechnya

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STRASBOURG, 22.03.2000 - COUNCIL OF EUROPE Secretary General Walter SCHWIMMER today announced that the Council of Europe was ready to contribute to the restoration of human rights in Chechnya.
"An agreement has been reached in principle with the Russian Representative for human rights in Chechnya, Vladimir KALAMANOV, that Council of Europe consultative expert staff will be sent to Chechnya," Mr. Schwimmer said.

This expert staff of three people will assist Mr. Kalamanov's Office in its task of ensuring respect for human rights for people in Chechnya. The Council of Europe experts will benefit from all facilities necessary for their freedom of movement and will have access to the local population. They will also report freely to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

Mr. Schwimmer added that the agreement would enter into force as soon as it has been approved by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and by the Russian Foreign Minister, Igor IVANOV.

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