Chechnya - The week in brief: 18 - 24 Jun 2007

June 18- The Chechen government's press serviceannounced that, in accordance with a decree of President Ramzan Kadyrov, Khasukha Demilkhanov had been appointed new head of the Shatoysky district administration, replacing Zhamli Khadashev.

June 18- Defence lawyer Roman Krzhechkovsky appealed to Russia's Supreme Court against the North Caucasus Military District Court's verdict on the "Ulman case", by which four Russian officers had been sent to 9-14 years in prison for killing Chechen civilians.

June 19- The Beslan public investigation association "Pravda Beslana" published on its website police documents confirming that the police in the North Ossetian town of Beslan had been warned about a planned hostage-taking "in a public building" in September 2004.

June 20- Four servicemen were killed in a shoot-out between members of the Chechen battalion "West" and local police in Grozny's Staropromyslovsky district.

June 20- A group of unknown men attacked the base of the OMON police in the Ingush town of Karabulak. Several policemen were wounded by fire from automatic weapons and grenade launchers.

June 21- The European Court of Human Rights condemned Russia for the killing of Chechen activist Zura Bitiyeva and her husband, son, and brother, who were shot dead by unknown people at their home in the Chechen town of Kalinovskaya in May 2003, and for the harsh treatment of Bitiyeva during her detention in 2000.

June 21- The first-ever session of the Constitutional Assembly of the Chechen Republic unanimously approved Ramzan Kadyrov's proposals to amend the republic's Constitution, including the extension of the term of office of the president and parliament from four to five years.

June 22- In central Moscow, a Chechen national was wounded during a clash involving about 50 young people, including Russian nationalists and people from the Caucasus.

June 23 - Ramzan Kadyrov was re-elected secretary of the Chechen regional branch of the Unified Russia party.


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