Chechnya: The week in brief: 13 - 19 Jan 2003

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Summary of the main news related to the conflict in Chechnya. Compiled by Prague Watchdog.

Monday, January 13

No major events.

Tuesday, January 14

Mutilated bodies of about ten civilians that had been blown up were discovered on the outskirts of Grozny. The perpetrators of the crime are not known.

Drunken Russian soldiers at a check-point on the road from Grozny to Gudermes opened fire at a bus, killing the driver and wounding several passengers.

Wednesday, January 15

No major events.

Thursday, January 16

The European Court of Human Rights announced that it declared admissible the applications lodged by six Chechens who allege violation of their rights by the Russian military in Chechnya in 1999-2000.

In an effort to put an end of a mutual dispute over a recent appointment of new finace minister of the republic, the head of the Moscow-backed Chechen administration Akhmad Kadyrov reprimanded Premier of the Moscow-backed Chechen government Mikhail Babich for "violation of work discipline".

Friday, January 17

The Appelate Chamber of Georgia's Supreme Court cancelled a district court's decision on the repatriation of Chechen Abulkhamim Aliyev, who was detained by the Georgian police in Poti in May 2002, to Russia and decided on his release from custody. Aliyev is wanted by the Russian authorities for an alleged crime he committed in the eastern part of the Russian Federation.

US citizen of Russian descent Boris Jordan was fired from the post of CEO of Russian commercial television NTV, a subsidiary of state-controlled natural gas monopoly Gazprom. NTV was critised by the Kremlin for its coverage of the hostage-taking crisis in a Moscow theatre in late October 2002 but poor management performance was cited as the offical reason for his removal.

Saturday, January 18

The Chechen Interior Ministry thwarted a plan to assassinate Akhmad Kadyrov, the head of the Moscow-backed Chechen administration, having discovered a radio-controlled mine in the centre of Grozny on a road commonnly used by Kadyrov, Interior Minister Ruslan Tsakayev said.

In Nazran a group of some 40 representatives of Chechen human rights organizations came out against holding a referendum on the Chechen constitution.

Sunday, January 19

No major events.

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