Chechens told to "leave or die by Saturday"

Islamic Relief has begun to implement a $1.7 million relief program to assist up to 25,000 refugees in Ingushetia. Islamic Relief's first aid initiative began in 1995 with shipments of relief products. These went to the heart of Grozny and eased some of the terrible sufferings of the victims.
The Chechens have been told to evacuate the city of Grozny by Saturday, or risk being killed."There is a threat to the lives of the old, the infirm, the injured and other innocent civilians who simply cannot leave or are too scared to leave their homes."The situation has become very critical, they could starve in the next few days, in the next few weeks." " The food and humanitarian situation appears to be almost catastrophic. There appears to be next to no food in Grozny. (Human Rights Watch)

As freezing temperatures descend on the Northern Caucasus, Chechen civilians who have fled to Ingushetia now face life -threatening challenges. During the month of November, a couple of young children died in the Sleptsovsk-North railway car camp because they lacked access to basic medical treatment.More than 7,000 displaced persons are crowded into 124 railway wagons in the Sleptsovsk-North camp. Each railway car has space for 54 people, although some house up to 70 if not more.

Islamic relief Program activities so far:

a.. The Ingush Government has estimated that there are nearly 300,000 Chechen refugees within its borders. (This figure includes unregistered refugees.) a.. IR's $1.7 million project aims to assist the most exposed refugees in Ingushetia who are living in 8 camps set up within a ten mile radius of the border. IR has obtained all necessary licences from Moscow, Ingushetia and the Karbadin-Balkar Rebublic to operate. a.. Over 55 tons of food has so far been purchased, and is now being distributed to the two largest camps Sputnik and Severnii, consisting of over 13,000 refugees. a.. 15 water containers have been purchased and another 15 have been ordered. Each has a 3 ton capacity. 8 water containers have so far been distributed and another 7 are to be distributed this week. a.. IR has secured the services of medical staff for the 4 mobile clinics.

What can we do to help.?

a.. Remember the Chechens in our prayers.
b.. Media coverage is limited, so please spread the word.
c.. Organise fundraising drives in your communities to help.