Chechen refugees in Ingushetia were refused food

Islamic Relief has begun to implement a $1.7 million relief program to assist up to 25,000 refugees in Ingushetia. Islamic Relief's first aid initiative began in 1995 with shipments of relief products. These went to the heart of Grozny and eased some of the terrible sufferings of the victims.
Refugees returning under duress.

Refugees at camps in the neighbouring republic of Ingushetia say they are being refused food in an attempt to force them to return to Russian-controlled territory in Chechnya. Human Rights Watch reported that refugees at Sputnik camp (in which Islamic Relief is providing food) were being told to go home and care for themselves, by the Russians.

Islamic relief Program activities so far:

a.. Over 89 tons of food has so far been purchased, and is now being distributed to the two largest camps Sputnik and Severnii, consisting of over 13,000 refugees. a.. IR's $1.7 million project aims to assist the most exposed refugees in Ingushetia who are living in 8 camps set up within a ten mile radius of the border. IR has obtained all necessary licences from Moscow, Ingushetia and the Karbadin-Balkar Republic to operate. a.. 15 water containers have been purchased and another 15 have been ordered. Each has a 3 ton capacity. b.. IR has secured the services of medical staff for the 4 mobile clinics.

What can we do to help.?

a.. Let us please remember the Chechens in our prayers.
b.. Media coverage is limited, so please spread the word.
c.. Organise fundraising drives in your communities to help.
d.. Call or email Islamic Relief for a free complimentary video on Chechnya.