Aid amongst the Chechen refugees

The Ingush government have estimated that there are nearly 300,000 Chechen refugees within its borders. This figure includes unregistered refugees. b.. People continue to cross from Chechnya to Ingushetia but there is also a movement back to Russian-controlled parts of Chechnya. There are approximately 35,000 to 40,000 (UNCHR) Civilians still left in Grozny. c.. Refugees live outside in cars, buses, railway wagons and tented camps. The railway wagons are overcrowded and there is no heating.
While Islamic Relief is supplying clean drinking water to 8 refugee camps, it is at present concentrating its emergency relief distribution to the following three camps:

No. of Refugees
Sputnik,Severnii ,Karabulak Camps

Families: 4,242.00
Men: 3,157.00
Women: 8,532.00
Children: 9,474.00
Total no. of Refugees: 21,163.00

Distribution so far:

Islamic Relief has committed itself to distributing food packets to 4100 families at Present, WHICH RESULTS IN A WEEKLY DISTRIBUTION OF 89 TONS OF FOOD. a.. By 14 January, Islamic Relief will have completed its 7th food distribution, which will mean that over 500 TONNES OF FOOD will have been delivered.

Latest Developments

The Russian authorities have taken 35 carriages from the rail carriage camp in Severnii and have moved them 15 kilometres from the Ingush border, inside Chechnya itself. Approximately, 800 refugees have been affected. To assist in this, the authorities in Ingushetia have requested Islamic Relief to continue its distribution of aid to the camp INSIDE CHECHNYA itself.

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