ACT Update: Russian Federation - North Caucasus 1/2000

News and Press Release
Originally published
North Caucasus Crisis - Emergency Relief for Displaced - EURU91
Geneva, February, 07, 2000

As a result of the severe fighting between the Russian forces and the Chechen rebels in the breakaway Russian republic of Chechnya, over 250,000 people fled Chechnya to the neighboring republic of Ingushetia. The displaced people lacked basic human needs such as shelter, food, clean water and medical care. After a request from the ACT/HIA/ROC to respond to some of the needs of the displaced people, ACT issued out an appeal for US$1,264,498 for ACT/HIA/ROC respond to the extent possible through the provision of food parcels, blankets, clothing and baby formula foods to about 15,000 people in the three regions of Ingushetia (9,730) North Ossetia (1,270) and Stavropol (4,000). Further, ACT/HIA/ROC has indicated the following as the current existing needs:

  • Supplying the IDPs in Ingushetia with food items especially IDPs staying with host families. Improving health services and distributing hygienic items.
  • Providing medical assistance for the IDPs.
  • Preparation for the return and resettlement of the IDPs.
ACT/HIA/ROC wishes to underline that providing humanitarian assistance in Ingushetia has solely been possible with the close cooperation with the local administration and under their local auspices. It means that the relief items have to be handed over to the local EMERCOM, which carries out the distribution according to its own plans. Escorting the shipments has only been possible for the local staff. The representative of the donor agency sometimes receives permission to check the distribution of the relief items.

Since the issuing of the Appeal two and half months ago, the following has been the progress made in the project implementation by the ACT/HIA/ROC:

  • Distribution of food parcels to 1,270 IDPs in Mozdok, North Ossetia. Distribution took place after the 28th January, 2000
  • Distribution of food parcels to 2,000 IDPs in Pjatigorsk, Stavropol.
  • Distribution of food parcels to 2,000 IPDs in Mineralniye Vodi, Stavropol.
  • Distribution of food parcels was in progress to 5,000 IDPs in Ingushetia. This distribution started on the 4th February, 2,000.
The report states that all the food items were procured in Mineraniye Vodi and Pjatigorsk in Stavropol region. From there the food items were delivered under military and police escort to EMERCOM headquarters in Slepeovskaya in Nazrany. The distribution is then carried out by the EMERCOM in the presence of ACT/HIA/ROC local staff in the locations determined by the local administration.

ACT/HIA/ROC has indicated that a lot of needs of the IDPs in Ingushetia have not yet been met and therefore the network is encouraged to contribute more to the Appeal which so far has received US$266,981 of the total appeal amount of US$1,264,498.

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