ACT Appeal: Fires in Central Russia - RUS101 - Revision 1


Appeal Target: USD 160,670

Pledges/Contributions Received: USD 160,670

Balance Requested: 0

Geneva, 13 October 2010

Forest fires caused by abnormally high temperatures devastated several provinces of Altai region (southeast Russia, bordering Kazakhstan) at the beginning of August 2010. More than 2532 houses were burnt down, 2046 families left homeless, 52 lives were lost and 1500 people were injured. Due to the remoteness and poverty of this region, victims received only minimal relief from local authorities and civil society organisations.

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), a member of the ACT Alliance, requested funds to respond to the humanitarian needs of the affected population. The ACT Secretariat issued an Appeal on August 25, 2010 and ROC provided families with food and non-food items. The implementation of the Appeal project is being completed in the Ryazan, one of the worst-affected regions in Central Russia. Under the project, aid was given to the 480 poorest victims of fires. Each person received a bedding and hygiene kit.

However, a number of considerable changes have happened with regard to the fires and their victims since the preparation of the Appeal. New forest fires occurred in August-September in territories not previously affected. For that reason, it is important to reflect these changes in a revised version of Appeal RUS101, to adjust the list of project implementation regions and to extend the implementation period by one month. Instead of Nizhny Novgorod region and Republic of Mordovia which were included in the previous target areas, it is necessary to continue the project implementation in the Altai region. The fires in Altai ended only recently and the population is in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

This change will be all the more appropriate as the financial situation of the project makes it possible to give urgent aid to some 1290 victims in Altai. We would like to thank you for contributing funds towards Appeal RUS101 which is covered by 120 percent, and we share with you this document for your information.