8-10 former refugee families return to Chechnya each day

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Every day Chechnya welcomes its repatriates that come back home from the refugee camps of Ingushetia. 8-10 families return to the republic daily. For the past two weeks over 400 repatriates returned home.

According to ITAR-TASS news agency the process of repatriation will be boosted in the near future. By the middle of February 3 500 people are expected to return to Chechnya. 5 temporary living sectors will be built in Grozni to accommodate repatriates. Construction works will be finished by the beginning of February. The living sectors built, are able to accommodate up to 4000 people.

However, according to the data obtained, there are still over 18 000 refugees living on the territory of Ingushetia. Many Chechens sheltered from war in Dagestan, North Osetia, and Stavropolski region. (

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