1,900 Chechen refugees returned home from Ingushetia since early 2003

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20.02.2003 14:20
Since the beginning of the year 1,900 displaced Chechen citizens have returned home from Ingushetia, Chairman of the Chechen Committee on Displaced Citizens Magomed Gidizov told RIA Novosti. Ingushetia is a Russian republic bordering on Chechnya.

Every day 40-50 Chechen refugees leave tent camps in Ingushetia, Gindizov said. 110 tents have already been dismantled in refugee camps. In all, the Chechen Government reports 64.8 thousand displaced Chechens staying in Ingushetia.

The returning families prefer to live in private houses, because the federal allowance they receive for rent and food is 20 rubles a day per person. The migration service provides those who chose to stay at temporary residence centres for refugees with rations. 15 such centres have already been housed with the returning Chechen refugees. A 16th centre was recently opened to house 700 people. 200 people have already been accommodated there, the Chechen official reported.

He also stressed that all the temporary residence centres had been provided with several thousand copies of the Chechen Constitution in Russian, another hundred thousand booklets in Chechen are expected to arrive in the next few days. The referendum on the Constitution is due to be held on March 23rd. (Ria Novosti)

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