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UNHCR Romania: Ukraine Refugee Situation Update, Update #12, 3-9 September 2022


Key figures

81,158 refugees currently in Romania (as of 4 September 2022)

61,558 refugees registered for temporary protection in Romania (as of 4 September 2022)

18,225 refugees enrolled for UNHCR cash assistance.

35,865 refugees provided with information and counselling in person or over the phone

12,606 refugees supported to travel to Romania from Ukraine-Moldova border through fast-track transfers


The UNHCR Representative in Romania presented an overview of current situation of refugees from Ukraine in Europe at the Bucharest Forum - Towards a Common European Platform for Refugee Inclusion being held in Bucharest on 8-9 September. The event - convened by the Government of Romania - counted with the participation of 23 delegations from member states of the EU, other European countries and international partners. As of 30 August, over 7 million refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe, with nearly 4 million refugees registered for Temporary Protection or similar national protection schemes in Europe. Delegations agreed on the need to continue fostering policy dialogue on inclusion and specific avenues will be explored.

Since mid-May, UNHCR and partners are conducting a protection profiling exercise and have interviewed over 3,240 refugees in Romania. In corroboration with regional research, data showed that the most pressing needs for refugees are related to cash (38 per cent), family reunification (28 per cent), employment (28 per cent), and healthcare (27 per cent). Respondents report the need to receive more information on financial aid services, medical care, job opportunities and education.

Field activities: Over the past eight weeks, UNHCR has distributed approximately 50,000 bottles of water to arriving refugees and partners in view of the high temperatures. Arrivals continue on average seven thousand per day. This week, UNHCR distributed water bottles in Stanca-Costesti and Sculeni (located at the border with Moldova) and continued sites visits, counselling, and mobile cash enrolment. This week, UNHCR team in Iasi provided a refresher training to volunteers supporting enrolment centre on mobile registration practises. UNHCR team in Suceava, along with its partners CNRR and Bucovina Institution, facilitated an information session for refugees on access to education.

Cash Assistance: UNHCR in Romania has enrolled over 18,200 refugees from Ukraine and already disbursed assistance to nearly 17,000 individuals. Nearly 10,000 individuals enrolled in the UNHCR multi-purpose centre in RomExpo, Bucharest. Over 90 per cent of those receiving cash are women and their children. Eligible refugees who enrol for cash assistance receive RON 568 per person (approx. USD 120) per month for three months, equal to the amount provided to refugees by the Government of Romania.