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UNHCR Romania: Ukraine Refugee Situation Update, 20 July 2022


Key figures:

77,999 refugees currently in Romania (as of 18 July 2022)

48,182 refugees registered for temporary protection (as of 18 July 2022)

10,653 refugees enrolled for UNHCR cash assistance (as of 20 July)

Over 27,673 refugees provided with information and counselling in person or over the phone

11 Blue Dots operating in Romania with UNICEF

11,649 people supported to travel to Romania from Moldova through fast-track transfers


USD 147.4 million requested for the Romania situation (AS OF 5 JULY 2022)

Operational Context

Over 1.56 million refugees from Ukraine have entered Romania since 24 February and around 78,000 are currently present in the country, as per data from the Government of Romania. UNHCR, together with UN agencies and NGOs, are supporting the government’s response through Inter-Agency coordination and a Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP) that aligns with the government’s priorities and activities reflected on the National Plan of Measures for the Protection and Inclusion of Displaced Persons from Ukraine and Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection in Romania. UNHCR in Romania is responding to the needs of refugees through its field offices in Suceava (bordering with Ukraine), Iasi (bordering with Moldova) and Galati (bordering with Moldova and Ukraine), as well as in Bucharest


UNHCR attended the “Ministerial Conference of the Moldova Support Platform” held in Bucharest on 15 July and led the working group on the humanitarian situation of refugees. Strong support towards the refugee cause was expressed by multiple stakeholders.
UNHCR and the DSU carried out a joint capacity building initiative on mounting tents that could be used for emergency shelters and other services. (Video).

On 15 July, the DSU and UNHCR facilitated a visit by the French Minister for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships, Mrs.

Chrysoula Zacharopoulou to RomExpo, UNHCR’s Cash Enrolment Site. This site has become a “one-stop” point of multiple services, including Temporary Protection issuance by the General Inspectorate for Migration, with EUAA support. UNHCR and organizations present in the UNHCR site elaborated the cash enrolment mechanism and the various services available for refugees including legal counselling by UNHCR’s partner CNRR, health care by WHO, and IOM’s counselling on transport and accommodation.

UNHCR continues to support refugees with multipurpose cash assistance. So far 10,653 persons have been enrolled, of whom over 90 per cent are women and children and 567 people with specific needs (including 341 individuals with severe medical condition and 123 persons with disability). Cash has been transferred to more than 9,000 refugees. More than 600 people have been registered last week through 5 five enrolment centres across Romania. Eligible refugees who enroll for cash assistance receive RON 568 (approx. USD 120) per month for three months, equal to the amount provided to refugees by the Government of Romania. UNHCR co-leads the Cash Working Group where all national and international partners providing cash assistance agree on the same standards and complementary approaches.

UNHCR, along with its partner CNRR, co-facilitated a workshop on legal provisions relating to asylum organized in Predeal for 36 state and non-state actors. Discussions were focused on the European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence on asylum and UNHCR’s role in reviewing asylum decision jointly with the General Inspectorate for Immigration through quality mechanism.