Situation Report 2: Floods in Romania - June/July 2010

Situation Report
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1. Description of the situation

In the second half of June, heavy rainfalls affected large parts of Romania, especially regions in the center and the north-east of the county. After smaller floods in the center of the country on June 26th several villages in the counties of Suceava, Neamt, Iasi, and Bacau, all in eastern Romania have been flooded.

On June 28th, parts of the town Dorohoi (with a population of about 30,000 inhabitants), county Botosani, in the north-east of the country got flooded. About 1,700 persons have been evacuated from their houses, 6 persons died in the town. Representatives of the municipality declared that 48 houses have broken down already, 294 are severely damaged and in danger to break down. 550 more houses are damaged by the water.

Floods continued along the river Siret, a region already affected by serious floods in 2008, when about 1,600 houses have been destroyed. Starting from Tuesday, June 29th, more than 15,000 persons have been evacuated from villages along the river in the counties of Suceava, Iasi, Neamt, and Bacau.

On June 30th and July 1st large parts of the villages Rotunda and Buruienesti on the eastern side of the Siret, which are not protected by a dike, got flooded. The population has been evacuated. Intervention forced provided some tents, but most people went relatives in other villages or in other save places close to the village. In Buruienesti about 100 persons found shelter in the Catholic parish and in a Caritas social center.

On 1st July in Tamaseni (on the western side of the river) the dike has broken and a part of the village got flooded. Here as well hundreds of people had to be evacuated. On July 3rd and 4th the villages Saucesti and Schinen, more to the south in Bacau county got flooded.

Meanwhile the water has withdrawn from the flooded areas in North-Eastern Romania and along the river Siret. Most people returned to their houses and started cleaning-up activities.

Problems are continuing to appear on the Danube, where the rivers Danube, Siret and Prut join. At Galati the Danube is already above its historic maximum level from 2006, the peak will be reached on Friday. To protect the city, a 4,5 km long dike from sand-bags has been built during the last days.

In the Tulcea county several villages, most of them in the Danube Delta (especially in the region north of the city of Tulcea), are flooded completely, dikes proved to be too small or too weak to resist the high pressure of the Danube. In the village Tudor Vladimirescu (belonging to the city of Tulcea, situated on the opposite side of the Danube and reachable only by boat) 68 houses are flooded. The main-street of Patlageanca is 2 meters under water, all houses (about 133 houses) are flooded. There is no higher place around the village where people could find shelter, so they are still living in their flooded houses.