Romanian gold mining company again pollutes rivers

Some 10,000 tons of lead residue has spilled into the Rivers Vaser and Viseu, tributaries of the Tisa (Tisza) River. The incident was caused by the Aurul company in Baia Borsa that was responsible for the cyanide spill in early February. The company failed to notify the authorities of the spill, which occurred on 27 March during heavy rainfalls that resulted in the breaking of a five-meter stretch of a dam, RFE/RL's Bucharest bureau and Reuters reported. Samples of water from the Tisa show lead is 2.7 times over permitted levels. Environment Minster Romica Tomescu visited the area on 28 March, together with World Bank director for Romania Andrew Vorkink, who is currently in Romania to see how the bank can help that country cope with ecological problems as well as improve health care and wildlife conservation. MS
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