Romania: The Premier has announced that there is no danger concerning new floods

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Today, the Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu has announced at the ending of the meeting of the National Committee for Emergencies that in the next period would not be new floods. "A zone in the North-east of the country will be affected by more heavy rain, but there is no floods peril, so that to dispose warning measures," asserted the Prime Minister.

The Head of the Executive presented the last actualized data concerning the flood effects.

Another person deceased because the floods in Vrancea County, in Maicanesti locality. The victims' number is now 21.

The Prime Minister announced that because of floods, 696 houses were destroyed and other 2.000 were damaged. The damaged crops augmented to 94.000 ha according to the last data, because was voluntary flooded an area of hays in order to be saved a corn crop in Independenta Commune.

According to the Prime Minister, there are still problems concerning the supply of the potable water in Bacau, Darmanesti, Onesti and in other 10 headquarters in Galati, but the works to remake the supply of water are in progress.

The Premier Tariceanu announced that for the moment, there are no problems concerning the assurance of the drugs and vaccines for the population from the localities affected by floods. In order to limit the consequences of the floods, the Head of the Executive has shown that the points to accord the first aid were settled in schools and tents. In addition, the Ministry of Health sent in the affected localities, specialists of Bucharest and 1.5 t of drugs in each county.

According to the Premier, for the moment, the zero priority is the residents' health. For this reason, the Head of the Executive instructed the National Sanitary-Veterinary Agency to supervise the evacuation of the dead animals from the affected zones and to disinfect these localities.

The Premier has announced therewith, that at Bacau Airport will be arranged a distribution base of the aids, received for the distressed.

Besides the aids come from the country, the Minister of Administration and Interior, Mr. Vasile Blaga, asserted that Hungary and Poland have sent aids, as well as we have received donations send by the trans-national companies. Moreover, other countries - Switzerland, Israel and Canada - have offered their support to surpass this situation.

The authorities still interfere for the limitation of the floods' effects. In the zones where the water withdraws, a part of these roads is now circulated.

Thus, in the period July 17-18, the Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism coordinated the works wherewith the circulation was retaking on the roads Adjud-One=BAti, Tecuci-M=E3r=E3=BAe=BAti, Foc=BAani-Br=E3ila and One=BAti-Com=E3ne=BAti.

The Prime Minister has announced that now they work to unblock other roads, but with speed restrictions.

Concerning the railway transport, in the period July 17-18 the circulation on the routes Adjud-Onesti, Tecuci-Marasesti and Onesti-Bacau was unblocked.

The affected county roads, bridges and footbridges will be reconstructed below the coordination of the County Councils. The Army will present the situation of the points in which will interfere with genius troupes for the reconstruction of the county infrastructure, so that to permit to the County Councils to deal with the firms of construction for the rest of works.

The supply with gas will be retaking in Focsani until Wednesday evening.

Concerning the supply with electric power, the Premier has announced that the authorities have interfered in 20 localities for their connexion to the electric power networks. The Prime Minister Tariceanu asserted that the Government has decided to be transported by helicopters the electrogene groups for the isolated localities without electric power supply.

The radio-communications and the mobile telephony operate completely in all the flooded localities. The fixed telephony does not still operate in 34 localities.

The prime Minister asserted that the Post takes precautions for the localization of the distressed pensioners and has already started the pensions' distribution. Over 500 pensioners have received their pensions even they were moved in other localities.

The Minister of Administration and Interior, Mr. Vasile Blaga, has announced that for the reconstruction of the houses and infrastructure destroyed by the waters was allocated 3.000 billions ROL to the County Councils, following that next week to be allocated another 5.000 billions ROL. "The money will arrive tomorrow morning in the account of the County Councils. We guarantee you that the funds will be allocated depending on necessities, not by the politic component of the county councils," asserted Mr. Vasile Blaga. Totally, for the first stage will be allocated 10.000 billions ROL for the reconstruction of the destroyed objectives. From these funds, the Ministry of Agriculture will grant 1.700.000 ROL per ha for the re-establishment of autumn crops, there where the harvest were destroyed by floods.

In addition, the Minister of Administration and Interior said that the authorities from Bucharest have obtained the agreement of the European Commission to redirect the ISPA and Sapard funds, amounting to 70 millions EUR, for the limitation of the floods' effects. The Government will continue, in the same time, the demarches to obtain some European funds.

The authorities began the evaluations of the damages but, until now cannot be estimated, has specified Blaga.

The National Committee for Emergency continues the evaluation of the damages produced by floods, following that, in the today's daytime, the prefects of the 31 affected counties to present estimations concerning the costs of reconstruction of the damaged objectives.

To the works of reconstruction of the infrastructure and to the repairing of the bridges and footbridges, to sediments removal, take part about 4.300 militaries of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.