Romania: The number of the floods victims increased

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Within the meeting of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, held in Victoria Palace, in which President Traian Basescu participated as guest, the Minister of Interior, Mr. Vasile Blaga presented this morning a situation evaluation, according to which the number of the floods victims increased, reaching 20 further to the identification of a new deceased person in Galati County

The Government will grant 30 million ROL to each family who suffered decease during the floods.

The Prime Minister Calin Popescu - Tariceanu added that in this moment, there is not considered that there could be other deceased persons too, because there is no missing person.

During the 16th of July 2005, the representatives of the authorities:

  • Evacuated 1050 persons from four localities from Galati county; Indepedenta, Branistea, Tudor Vladimirescu, Piscu. There has been done a controlled breach to avoid the flooding of some localities;

  • Distributed water for population and for animals in 23 localities from Vrancea, Galati, Bacau.

  • Supplied with prime necessity food 24 localities from Vrancea, Galati, Bacau;

  • Vaccinated 2710 persons;

  • Purified the fountains water;

  • Reconstruct energy supply structures, and they participated in the works for repairing the roads, railways, bridges and footbridges;
There will be raining in the first days of the next week, but there will not be of high intensity and there is not for the moment the risk of new floods, stated Prime Minister Calin Popescu - Tariceanu to the press, further to the Committee meeting. On Monday, a more precise prognosis for next week will be presented.

Among the measures that have been taken for the next period, the Prime Minister mentioned that he requested the Army to interfere with engineer troops to rebuild the county roads. Also, the military will assist the population to remove the mud deposits from houses, yards and gardens.

'The Ministry of National Defense will send 4300 military who will assist the people to clean their yards, houses and gardens and will participate in the works for reconstructing the local and county infrastructure" stated the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of National Defense will put at people's disposal decontamination devices for showers, and the Ministry of Agriculture will provide 2000 cubic meters wood to people in order to rebuild their houses affected by floods. The Prime Minister Calin Popescu - Tariceanu stipulated that the solutions to rebuild the houses will be taken further to a damage inventory."

"We have discussed with many people, we know what they really want: building materials. The rebuilding of the houses will not cost too much, because houses have a particular structure in this area", explained the Minister of Administration and Interior. Mr. Vasile Blaga launched an appeal to the people from flooded areas to manifest their solidarity over the next period because the rebuilding works will imply further efforts.

The Prime Minister Calin Popescu - Tariceanu stated that the National Sanitary Veterinary Agency started the evacuation of dead animals. There have been evacuated 17 tons of dead animals in Galati, 8 tons in Bacau, 16 tons in Vrancea.

There are works at rebuilding the gas pipelines in all area, and there have been found temporary solutions in Onesti and Targu Ocna localities. The Prime Minister further stated that Romtelecom will set up telephone booths in the nearby of town halls, that will be functioning free until mending of the connections of individual subscribers.

The Head of the Executive stated that the air connections are further functioning for food transport, and the populations further receive blankets, and tents. " There are firms that are available to help us, some items will be allocated from the State Reserve, and the rest will be purchased", added the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister further stated that "alike in Timis, we will resort to set up a "pantry", we will provide non perishable food such as - maize, flour, wheat, corn to each family".