Romania: Largest flood since 35 years - Malteser

Cologne. The situation in Romania is still dramatic. Hundreds of people are isolated due to severe floodings caused by continuous rainfalls. "Malteser Romania (SAMR) are operating twenty-four-seven. In the last days more than 1300 food-packets have been distributed in the areas Klausenburg, Alba and Bacau," says Michael L=FClsdorff, head of Central and Eastern Europe / Foreign Aid Desk at Malteser International headquarters.

The continuously raising water level makes access to main roads more difficult. "Further 700 food-pakets will be distributed to those in need partly by boats," adds L=FClsdorff.

Malteser in Romania has been founded in 1991. It is represented in all parts of Romania with 25 divisions and more than 1100 voluntary helpers.

In their work they focus on aid and education in the social sector. The poorest of the poor receive support and sympathy in elderly and disabled homes, senior clubs, through meals on wheels and distribution of cloths donations.

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