Romania has received financial and humanitarian aids from many states

Poland has sent stations for water purification, blankets and other products of first aid, as well as a team of medics, Hungary, 12 medics and paramedics, as well as a station for water purification in the zones affected by floods, Czech, foods and hygiene goods valued to 78.000 EUR.
The aid of Japan, valued to 19.920 =A3, consists in generators on gas oil, water filters and 30 high-capacity tents.

Germany has sent technicians and installations for the water filtering, and from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we will receive today 90 tents, as well as drugs and foods.

We have received from Austria medical equipment and drugs. Slovakia has sent three generators of big capacity, blankets, rubber knee-boots and clothes. We will receive also aids from Egypt, Spain, South Korea, France, Greece, Jordan, Belgium, and Slovenia.

Switzerland donated to the Romanian state a carload of 1.000 l, five motor-pumps and other medical materials. Holland offered 141.000 EUR, and Vatican, 25.000 EUR.

The United Nation Organization and the World Bank have presented their availability to finance the Romanian authorities for the reconstruction of the affected zones.