Romania: Floods - Information Bulletin n° 2

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In Brief

This Bulletin (no. 2/July 2005 ) is being issued for information only, and reflects the status of the situation and information available at this time. The Federation is not seeking funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time.

The Situation

With the country still recovering from a major wave of flooding in April, continuing heavy rains have now caused further flooding and destruction in a total of 31 counties in Romania. During the period 9-15 July some 468 localities have been affected, killing 20 people, with 4 persons reported missing, 7,029 evac uated from their homes, and a total of 14,669 households affected

The flooding has caused havoc to communication lines and infrastructure: the water supply, electricity, gas and phone networks have been brought to a standstill in the flooded regions; access to the areas remains difficult with 1,097 bridges and 1,056 km of roads damaged; 13,138 houses are affected, 53,782 hectares of agricultural land and 11,189 wells have been flooded, 3,073 animals and birds killed and 141 social institutions affected. A children's holiday camp, 10 villages and 30 families remain isolated. The inter-ministerial commission for emergency situations has been providing updated statistics.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Action

In Vrancea Branch members of the disaster response units together with the director have helpe d to evacuate the flood victims using transportation available to the branch. Beginning on 13 July hot meals have been delivered by the branch mobile kitchen. Disaster preparedness stocks have been depleted. The branch has asked for additional materials from the central warehouse (2 tents, 270 blankets, 400 sleeping bags, 250 bedclothes, 1008 soaps, 200 detergent bags, and 300 pairs of shoes.)

In Galati Branch, members of the disaster response units have helped to evacuate flood victims from Galati municipality. A total of 1,000 loaves of bread have been delivered to flood victims. An assessment of the needs of the affected persons in Galati county has been undertaken. Donations of bread, mineral water and food are requested for the flood victims. By 17 July, 4000 litres of water, 1800 cans, 1200 kg of flour, salt, sugar, rice, oil, biscuits (80 boxes), 1 refrigerator, and 2 cookers had been distributed.

In Olt Branch volunteers have distributed sleeping bags and mineral water to the flood victims. After a fundraising campaign the branch also distributed food, flour, corn flour, sugar, oil and detergent.

In Bacau Branch distribution of food continues in Goioasa, Comanesti, Urechesti, Garleni, and Palanca. A mobile kitchen is working in Comanesti and a water purification unit is installed in Slanic Moldova. Vaslui Branch has transported food (cans) to Galati. Braila Branch has transported to Galati and Vrancea an amount of 40.000.000 lei (CHF 1,750), bread (1000 pieces), water, potatoes (1800 kg.), juice, cans, margarine, cheese, sausages, fish.

In Teleorman Branch 2 water purification units are working in Mereni and Vartoape. Clothes have also been distributed to the flood victims. Timis Branch continues to assist the flood victims from the first wave of flooding between April and May 2005 (tents, bedclothes, jerry cans, linens, rubber boots, shoes, hygiene, and food packages).

Mehedinti Branch has helped flood victims from 3 locations with 42 blankets and 42 bedclothes. It has also started a local fundraising campaign.

Outstanding Needs

Whilst assessments in the field continue, the Romanian Red Cross and International Federation are already in contact with a number of National Societies who are discussing contributions to the emergency relief distribution effort: the Belgian, British, Danish, German, Hungarian, Irish and Swiss Red Cross. A member of the Regional Disaster Response Team (RDRT) from the Red Cross of Serbia & Montenegro will join the Romanian Red Cross by the end of the week to assist in further assessment and relief planning. RDRT-trained members of the Romanian Red Cross are in the field with current assessment teams.

As of 17 July, the emergency needs have been identified as:

1. 3,000 family food parcels

2. 3,000 baby hygiene parcels (to be used within the period of 3 months)

3. 3,000 family hygiene parcels (period of three months)

4. blankets, bed-linen, sleeping-bags

International Coordination and Response

The International Federation launched an emergency appeal (05EA009) on 29April seeking CHF 987,746 to assist 4,500 beneficiaries for 6 months in the Timis and Caras-Severin counties hit by a first wave of flooding. Although coverage of this appeal remains low, the Romanian Red Cross has been continuing their efforts to distribute relief in these counties.

On 7 July a Minor Emergency Appeal (ME039) was launched in response to a second wave of flooding, which is continuing and widening in scope covering more than half of Romania at present. A disaster relief emergency fund (DREF) allocation of CHF 240,938 was granted for this operation to cover immediate relief needs.

The Romanian Red Cross is continuing its assessment of the situation through its disaster management capacity at branch level, and is looking at a possible revision of the initial Emergency Appeal (05EA009) to widen the response to reflect the current situation and counties affected.

National Societies are urged to consider contributions to DREF to cover the Minor Emergency Appeal of 7 July, and will be ad vised in the coming days of revisions to the initial Emergency Appeal, to contribute to a wider relief operation as the flooding continues.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

Romanian Red Cross: Radu Lihaci, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator; Telephone: +40 21 317 40 32, +40 21 317 05 59, Fax: + 40 21 312 84 52, email: and Daniela Uta, PR & Fundraising Coordinator, Telephone: + 40 21 317 05 59, Fax: + 40 21 312 84 52, email:

Regional Delegation, Slobodanka Curic, Regional Disaster Management Coordinator;, phone: + 387 59 260 383, mobile: + 387 65 665 747

In Geneva: Erja Reinikainen, Federation Desk Officer, Europe Department, Geneva: email:, phone: + 41 22 730 49 20; fax: +41 22 733 03 95

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