Romania: Flash Floods - DREF Operation n° MDRRO004 - Final Report

Situation Report
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Summary: Due to heavy rainfalls in Romania that started on 12 September 2013 and lasted for more than 48 hours, many villages in several municipalities from the counties of Galati, Tulcea and Vaslui were flooded.

The majority of the affected areas are situated in the rural poorer part of Romania. Some villages were completely isolated due to the damaged bridges on the rivers Taita in Tulcea, and Suhu and Chineja in Galati. According to the information received from the Red Cross branches and the emergency departments in the affected municipalities, more than 1,735 households were affected by the flooding and 6,901 people were evacuated.

The Romanian Red Cross (RRC) deployed, through its branch in Galati, 20 volunteers and 2 staff members in the most affected localities of Cuca, Pechea, Slobozia Conachi and Cuza Voda. The population was not prepared for such a heavy rain in a short period of time. The Galati branch of RRC delivered to the affected population in this area 100 kg of food, 1,370 litres of bottled water, 100 pairs of rubber boots and other essential items immediately and more items in the next days after the DREF assistance had been allocated.

The situation was complicated also by the fact that many families were evacuated and could not return to their homes until the waters receded. The flooding caused extensive damage to houses and personal belongings, agricultural land, equipment and livestock.
This operation was implemented over three months and was completed on 17 December 2013.