Romania: Damage caused by the July floods amounts to approximately 24.000 billion ROL

Mr. Vasile Blaga, the Minister of Administration and Interior has announced today, at the end of the meeting of the Committee for Emergencies that the damage produced by July floods is estimated at 23.942 billion ROL.

This evaluation will be conveyed to the European Commission that agreed that Romania submits a new application to access the Solidarity Fund. The first application was formulated for the damage caused by the floods from Banat that exceeds 17.000 billion ROL.

Minister Blaga has presented an evaluation of the floods effects and of the land slides occurred within July 1-17 2005. Thus, there have been affected firstly Olt, Tulcea, Buzau and Constanta counties and secondly, Galati, Bacau, Braila, and Vrancea counties. The floods caused the death of 24 persons, 15 deaths being registered in Vrancea County.

There have been affected 25.127 houses, 3.571 being destructed.

Minister Blaga has further stated that there are only two isolated localities in Bacau and Vrancea counties. The supply with drinking water has been re-established in all localities. There is a similar situation regarding the supply with methane gas. As for the supply with power energy, the Minister of Administration and Interior has specified that there are still problems in 13 localities in this respect.

The Romanian Post has distributed 94 % of the pensions in Galati, Bacau, Braila, Vrancea counties, the most affected areas by July floods.

Minister Blaga has further said that the animals' vaccination operations will continue. He has showed that the great majority of floods victims requested the aid to consist of building materials too (cement, iron plate) in order to repair the damaged houses. The gendarmes will help the aged persons to rebuild their dwellings.

The authorities intend to offer lands, free of charge to the persons that are willing to move from the central parts of the villages. Minister Blaga has showed that Law 18 upon the land fund would be modified so that the flood victims can get lands free of charge in order to build their dwellings. He further specified that the lands that would be allocated to the flood victims would change their status passing from outside the town land to inside the town one.