Romania: ACT appeal assistance to flood affected


After almost 6 months of harsh winter with massive amounts of snow and record breaking, subzero temperatures the snows melted gradually in the month of March without the usual flood problems. The first weeks of April saw significant improvement in the weather auguring a good agricultural year. However, the week-end of 16-17 April heavy rains affected many regions of the country. In south-western Romania, the rains quickly resulted in a disaster. The night of 19/20 April, the largest dam on the river Timis collapsed causing billions of tonnes of water to flood the territories of Timis, Caras-Severin and Mehedinti within a few hours.

One week after the events, the situation is still critical. The most affected counties are Timis, Caras Severin and Mehedinti. 93 localities are flooded , 3,840 persons have been evacuated, 787 persons are isolated by the waters, 2,504 homes are totally flooded, 511 houses have collapsed and 5,411 farms are under water. It is estimated that 30,000 hectares of grain crops have been destroyed.

ACT member, the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania (AIDRom) is proposing to support the most vulnerable families whose loses in terms of damage to houses and personal goods are the most severe, and whose farms suffered major damages to crops and animals. In the crisis phase they will provide food parcels, mineral water, hygiene kits, disinfectant and clothing to 250 families. In the post-crisis phase they will assist in reconstructing houses, rehabilitation of crops and cleaning and disinfecting of wells.

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