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Regional Refugee Response Plan for the Ukraine Situation - Inter-Agency Operational Update: Romania, July 2022


Confronted with the largest refugee movement on the European continent in decades, the Government of Romania and partners including civil society, the private sector, volunteers, and international organizations have responded with generosity and hospitality. More than 1.6 million refugees entered Romanian since the beginning of the war. As of 31 July 2022, 84,357 refugees chose to stay in Romania. Approximately, 51,000 of them have obtained temporary protection to access national services.

UNHCR supports the Government in coordinating humanitarian actors through the Refugee Coordination Forum (RCF) for Romania which includes sector working groups aligned with the national response.
The RCF brings together all active stakeholders in the country including donors, civil society, the private sector, the UN, and other international organizations to ensure a harmonized and effective response.

The Government of Romania and UNHCR in a joint high-level event launched the National Plan (NP) of measures for the protection and inclusion of displaced persons from Ukraine, beneficiaries of temporary protection in Romania, as a vision for medium and long-term Refugee Response Plan (RRP) in Europe on 26 July 2022. The NP and RRP complement each other to provide a better life for refugees. They are “two plans for one response”.

Operational context

As of 24 July, about 6.1 million refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe. A total of 1,624,382 have arrived in Romania, with some 84,357 choosing to remain in the country (31 July). Some 50,857 have obtained temporary protection, which enables access to healthcare, education, and labour market. Most refugees are staying in the large cities.
On 26 July, the Government of Romania in a joint event with UNHCR released the National Plan (NP) of Measures for the protection and inclusion of displaced persons from Ukraine adopted in Romania and the Refugee Response Plan (RRP). High level interventions were made through a message from the President of Romanian delivered by the Presidential Counsellor, the Prime Minister of Romania, the Head of Representation of European Commission, the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Assistant High Commissioner for Protection. Over 120 participants attended this hybrid event, including high level government officials, RRP partners and the diplomatic community. Ambassadors from France, United Kingdom and United States spoke on behalf of the donor community and expressed their support to the NP and the RRP. The State Counsellor and UNHCR Representative in Romania presented the NP and RRP respectively.