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Regional Inter-Agency Operational Update Romania - June 2022


Since 24 February, about 5.5 million refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe, constituting the largest refugee movement in decades on the European continent. Close to 1.2 million refugees have arrived in Romania, supported by the Government and civil society’s hospitality and generosity. The Refugee Response Plan (RRP) brings together UN agencies, international and national NGOs, and other partners to support the Government in protecting and assisting refugees.

More than four months into the conflict, humanitarian actors are focused on scale-up of resources and staffing, the establishment of more predictable protection and assistance structures in close cooperation with national services and social protection systems, and improvement of information-sharing across needs and gaps. In this regard, the second Refugee Coordination Forum was held on 24 June with officials from the Government, partners, and donors.

On 29 June, the Governmentapproved and released the National Plan of measures for the protection and inclusion of refugees from Ukraine in Romania. UNHCR and partners are working closely withGovernment counterparts to ensure complementarity and synergies between the National Plan and the RRP.

Operational context

As of 30 June, about 5.5 million refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe. A total of 1,237,596 have arrived in Romania, with some 86,154 choosing to remain in the country. Some 42,742 have applied for temporary protection, which enables access to healthcare, education, and the labour market. Most refugees are staying in the largest cities including Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Galați, Iași and Suceava.

The second Refugee Coordination Forum Meeting was held on 24 June 2022. Officials of the Government of Romania, partners and donors attended the meeting. An overview of the RRP and synergies with National Plan of Romania were presented, with special emphasis on child protection and health. The Government of Romania adopted the “Emergency Ordinance on the implementation of the National Plan of Measures for the Protection and Inclusion of Displaced Persons from Ukraine and Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection in Romania” as an exemplary step towards enhancing the protection and inclusion of refugees from Ukraine who choose to stay in Romania on 29 June 2022. RRP partners have expressed their support in the implementation of the measures in the National Plan in their respective areas of expertise.