North Macedonia

UNICEF Weekly Situation Report (Macedonia), 27 February 2013


Situation Overview

  • As result of intensive rain falls from 24 February 2013, a significant part of the territory of the country is flooded. The following regions are severely affected:

    • The Strumica Region (municipalities of Strumica, Vasilevo, Bosilovo and Novo Selo) is most affected and approx. 80% of the territory of the Strumica Valley is under water. In Dabile region, more than 100 houses are flooded and almost 80% of Murtino is flooded which is approx. 400 – 500 houses;

    • The hard hit area is part of the city of Kumanovo called Sredorek populated with Roma community and with more than 60 houses under water. Due to the flooding from Kumanovka River, 585 Roma citizens were evacuated to 2 sport halls in Kumanovo;

    • Situation in Sveti Nikole is the worst in this region. Not only are the villages flooded, but also the city itself. More than 200 houses are flooded in the central area of the city. From the surrounding villages 30 people are evacuated to the school facility in Sveti Nikole;

    • Stip – Central areas of Novo Selo were flooded with more than 30 houses under water. 81 Roma citizens from the Klanica settlement were evacuated in the Municipal Hospital;

  • Human losses: One person in the Municipality of Staro Nagoricane lost his life due to floods;

  • Evacuated population: approx. 940 people (evacuated mainly in school premises and sport’s halls). Age and sex disaggregated data to follow;

  • Demolished bridges: Strumica (Raborci – Popcevo road), Vasilevo (Susevo – 3 bridges), Radovis (Pokrajcevo and Zleovo), Veles (Nogaevci – temporary bridge collapsed);

  • Dams: Slatino – Municipality of Debrca (collapse of the body of the dam due to the high level of water) and Pisica – Municipality of Probistip (collapse of the body of the dam due to the high level of water);

  • Disruption of education process: According to information provided by UNICEF partners on the field, pre-school/school institutions are closed in the city of Stip. In the municipality of Novo Selo, the school is flooded. Update on the situation in other affected areas to be provided additionally;