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Typhoon Rusa (South Korea) situation report 04 Sept 2002

Situation Report
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Situation Report
Typhoon Rusa has killed more than 200 people in South Korea and has caused an estimated $1.75 billion in property damage. Officials said some 17,046 homes were damaged by the storm, as were 286,480 acres of farmland, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

Officials called it the most severe typhoon to hit the Korean peninsula in 40 years, far exceeding the damage afflicted by Typhoon Olga in 1999. Rusa caused record rainfall and mudslides and also caused enormous damage to roads and railroads.

The hardest hit area in South Korea was the eastern coastal city Gangneung in the province of Gangwon.

The typhoon also affected North Korea, which has been hit by famine for years. The extent of damage was reportedly nowhere as severe as that of South Korea, though it was still not clear how badly rice fields in some areas had been damaged. North Korea continues to face severe food shortages.


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