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Rep. of Korea: The KNRC dispatched a medical emergency team to flood-affected areas

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On 19 July, the Republic of Korea National Red Cross (KNRC) dispatched the medical emergency team to Inje county in Gangwon province, the most severely damaged flood-hit area in the country. The medical emergency team was mobilized to prevent diseases and ameliorate medical conditions of the people affected by the floods.
The KNRC medical emergency team was consisted of the head of Clinical Division from the Red Cross Seoul Hospital, three doctors, four nurses, and three administrative officials. The team provided regular clinical services in Inje county and traveling clinics in surrounding areas.

The KNRC emergency medical team has provided extensive clinical services to assist the victims of the typhoons and floods. Moreover, the team has actively participated in international disaster response by offering medical services in the War in Iraq, the earthquake in Indonesia, and the Tsunami in the Southeast Asia.