Puerto Rico (The United States of America)

Puerto Rico Earthquake Situation Report #4 - January 17, 2020

Situation Report
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• There are now 41 shelters open with 7,500 registered occupants.
The number of individauls encamped in informal shelters across the region continues to fluctuate but remains high.

• Aftershocks continue to plague the southwest part of the island’s coast, further extending recovery time and increasing emotional distress.

• Public services are being restored to the island, though the pace is slow due to aftershocks and ongoing assessment efforts.


Following the largest earthquake that shook Puerto Rico—a 6.4-magnitude tremblor that hit on January 7—aftershocks continue, but are consistent with the U.S. Geologic Survey forecast of 54% probability for earthquakes of 5.0 magnitude or more in the next seven days. Though services are slowly being restored to the island, thousands remain displaced or homeless.

The Puerto Rico Emergency Management Bureau (PREMB) is coordinating with the National Guard and volunteer agencies to help assess requirements to establish survivor base camps to meet immediate sheltering requirements. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is working closely with Puerto Rican officials on any requests for assistance needed to support these facilities, while a range of organizations are working to ensure that shelters and feeding stations are available in the impacted area.