Officials Prepare for Hurricane Jose

from Federal Emergency Management Agency
Published on 20 Oct 1999
Washington October 20, 1999 - Even with a reduced threat, officials are still taking precautions to be ready for the impact of Hurricane Jose. FEMA's regional office in New York City (Region II) with responsibility for coordinating activity in the Caribbean began 24 hour operations in their Regional Operations Center (ROC) this morning.

The Region II Advance Emergency Response Team has personnel staged at the Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) and Puerto Rico (PR).

FEMA Headquarters Logistics is assembling a seven-member Mobilization Center Management Team. The team is expected to arrive in PR today.

Rapid Needs Assessments Teams are ready to deploy on both the USVI and PR.

Emergency Support Function staff for transportation, public works & engineering, mass care and Dept. of Defense support are deploying to the USVI.

Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station, on the PR east coast, will be the disaster mobilization center. Water and ice are pre-staged there.

The USVI Emergency Management Agency's EOC on St. Thomas has been activated. PR officials are monitoring the situation from the island's EOC in San Juan. PR Schools are closed today and more than 330 potential shelters are begin readied.