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Ukraine Situation: Regional Refugee Response Plan Summary and Inter-Agency Funding Requirements, March-August 2022



This inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP) outlines the comprehensive response and activities to support countries’s efforts to protect and assist refugees coming from Ukraine. It includes the initial financial requirements of 12 partners (including UN agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations and civil society) for six months, working in tandem with concerned host Governments.

UNHCR estimates that over 4 million people could flee from Ukraine and seek protection and support across the region. This RRP aims at assisting 2.4 million refugees and asylum-seekers in neighbouring countries.

RRP partners will support government-led efforts through a multi-sectoral approach focusing on protection, reception/shelter and material, as well as cash assistance for the most vulnerable groups and for individuals with specific needs.

The response will identify and address refugees’ needs, taking into account considerations related to age, gender and diversity. Given the high numbers of women and children–it will ensure targeted child protection interventions and proactive prevention and response to gender-based violence, including in relation to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Less than one week has elapsed since the military offensive began and the humanitarian needs of refugees are still evolving. As the situation evolves, the RRP will be revised to include additional activities and revised budgets, including f rom additional partners.