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Ukraine Emergency - UNHCR Poland Relief Supplies Factsheet, 29 April 2022



149 airlifts from UNHCR global warehouses to Poland

122 trucks delivered an average of 15,000kg of emergency supplies per truck from Poland to Ukraine to support over 291,000 internally displaced people in Ukraine

20 warehouses set up by UNHCR to respond to the Ukraine emergency, including 2 warehouses in Poland

7 UNHCR global stockpiles in Accra, Amman, Copenhagen, Douala, Dubai, Nairobi and Panama

How does UNHCR deliver emergency supplies?

UNHCR’s Budapest-based Supply Management Service has been responding to the emergency in Ukraine and in other neighbouring countries through a regional network of 20warehouses–including two UNHCR warehouses in Poland, located in Grabica and Rzeszow –and UNHCR supply staff, together with a sound network of global stockpiles and suppliers.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, replenishments for the global stockpiles continue to ensure that UNHCR can support the Government of Poland in its response and preparedness needs for the Ukraine refugee situation, as well as other emergencies around the globe.

UNHCR has successfully established a new trucking route from Pakistan to the regional network of warehouses, including Poland. This provides an additional solution to deliver life-saving items directly from the suppliers to the different countries, as well as to ease the pressure stemming from costly airlifts and slower sea freight.