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PCPM Foundation started the implementation of financial assistance for domestic refugees in Ukraine

By the end of June, the Polish Center of International Aid has started implementing financial aid for Ukraine's internally displaced people (IDPs). With the support of an American CARE Foundation, Ukrainian families over the course of 6 months will receive financial support.

Until now the PCPM distributed 450 prepaid cards with financial aid. Over the last days, in the city of Poltava in central-eastern Ukraine PCPM workers have registered over 220 families, which were affected by military actions and were forced to leave their homes in cities like Kramatorsk, Sloviansk, Wolnovaha or Mariupol.

Among the people that the Polish Center of International Aid helped there are more than 200 refugees, who fled Kharkiv and nearby towns, where the artillery striking continues. At the time when going back to hometowns is unavailable, the financial aid will fund the flat rent and will supply the most basic social needs.

By the end of this year, the PCPM Foundation and CARE will help 6 000 domestic refugee families in Ukraine.