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ACAPS Thematic Report - Migration crisis on the Poland-Belarus border (update), 01 July 2022


This report outlines the living conditions and needs of migrants and asylum seekers stranded in the Poland-Belarus border area as a result of a political crisis and migration policies.

Since July 2021, thousands of people have been trying to reach the EU by crossing from Belarus into Poland. Following an increase in crossing attempts, Poland declared an emergency status in September, preventing people from crossing. The Government has announced lifting the emergency status on 1 July 2022.

Key considerations:

  • Crossing into Poland will remain impossible because of a newly constructed steel wall at the border.

  • Access to the affected population will likely remain highly constrained.

  • Migrants and asylum seekers stranded at the Poland-Belarus border continue to be in critical need of shelter, protection and legal assistance, medical care, food, and water.

  • Shelter needs have specifically increased following the closure of the camp at Bruzgi in Belarus in March.

  • Border crossing attempts are expected to increase.