World Vision provides food relief to refugees of Mayon Volcano

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Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupted, spewing ash 9 miles high, on Sunday, June 24. Fountains of lava shot 200 meters into the air as resulting pyroclastic fragments tumbled down the mountainside. The earth shook seven miles away, from tremors jolting the volcano.
More than 7,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes and villages following the eruption. A further 3,000 people in the area of the volcano have been ordered to evacuate. Increases in lava flow may displace as many as 60,000 people from their homes.

According to the Philippine Institute of Vulcanology and Seismology, the volcano - located approximately 200 miles southeast of the Philippines capital, Manila - is not considered dangerous outside of five-mile radius of Mayon's summit. Within this danger zone, however, are seven small towns and one city.

Nearly 5,400 families (29,000 individuals) will remain in 18 evacuation centers for a month. The number of families in centers is expected to increase due to ashfall and the lava flows from all sides of the volcano.

World Vision's rapid response disaster relief team arrived early on June 26 to assess needs in the danger area. A preliminary week-long food relief assistance plan included rice, noodles, sardines, and water for families in four of the affected towns. Further disaster relief is being planned.