Volcano eruption in the Philippines updated Aug 2001

Situation Report
Originally published
More than 50,000 people from 38 villages have been evacuated due to the Mayon Volcano, which has been erupting since late June. An alert level 5 remains in effect, meaning an imminent eruption could occur at any time. The last eruption occurred on July 26, 2001. A five-mile area around the southeastern edge of the volcano known as "no-man's land" has been designated a danger zone.
Emergency Response

Present needs of evacuees are food, gas masks, and water purification tablets. Catholic Relief Services' partners, Caritas Philippines and the National Secretariat for Social Action-Justice and Peace, are responding to the emergency along with governmental agencies. CRS is supporting these efforts and is accepting donations for the inevitable post-rehabilitation needs of the victims.


There was mild activity around the volcano several weeks before the eruption, but no one could have predicted the outcome.

Catholic Relief Services has been working in The Philippines since 1945 and responds to people in need regardless of creed, religion or ethnicity.

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