Updates from CFSI Emergency Response Team in Zamboanga as of 22 September 2013

from Community and Family Services International
Published on 22 Sep 2013 View Original

The displacement and exposure to the effects of the armed conflict placed children at high risk of child protection issues. The abrupt disruption to their normal life, witnessing violence, leaving their homes in terror and, in a some reported instances, separation from their families and friends’ impact children’s physical, psychological and social well being. Based on ocular visit and rapid assessment conducted, many of the children experience profound stress living in the congested, unsanitary and crowded evacuation centers. It is important to note, however, that some children also exhibit exceptional resilience and have been observed to still enjoy playing around with fellow children—hence the need to create opportunities for them to do so, in a safe and secure environment.

Many children have also lost legal documents such as birth registration certificates and school records. There is therefore a critical need to facilitate the reissuance of these documents so that children and families can exercise their right to support services. In the meantime, DSWD’s Disaster Assistance Family Access Cards serve as a lifeline to services and goods provided in the evacuation camps.