Update: Tzu Chi’s Humanitarian Aid to Survivors after Typhoon Nockten in Philippines

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It has been over three months since Typhoon Nockten struck the Philippines. The storm was particularly devastating to Catanduanes. Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has been making regular visits to help families rebuild. At the end of March, Tzu Chi volunteers in Philippines successfully completed the fifth aid distribution since the disaster.

It has been three months since the Typhoon hit Catanduanes, Philippines. Tzu Chi volunteers are well known by the community here, and they are now carrying out the fifth aid distribution since the disaster. Residents patiently await the distribution. The Governor has also come to participate as a volunteer.

Joseph Cua, the Catanduanes Governor, said that:「This is a great help for those that have lost their houses. If you notice many people have already begun purchasing the materials to help repair their homes.」

It was Christmas last year, that Typhoon Nockten struck destroying homes, and crops. Tzu Chi volunteers were dispatched from Manila, traveling by bus and boat to reach the disaster area as quickly as possible to distribute goods and financial relief to victims. The total amount of aid from Tzu Chi is nearly three times that of local government.

Leo Rodriguez, the Mayor of BatoWe, shared that:「We will definitely make good use of this money. Of course people will use it to repair their homes, there is no better use for it.」

Pedro Sollegue, one of the survivors, said that:「I would first like to thank God. It is like he called for Tzu Chi to come and help us. Especially coming to help our town, San Andres.」

Tzu Chi volunteers also visit an old blind couple, bringing rice and blessings after the neighbors informed them of the old couple’s condition.

Belinda Tapit, the Neighbor, said that:「I introduced the couple to the Tzu Chi Foundation, since I knew that Tzu Chi could help them, since Tzu Chi helps other families in need.」

Over the course of 4 days, Tzu Chi was able to help 3360 families during this distribution, with 20 kilos of rice given to each family, along with emergency relief funds to help them repair their damaged homes.

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