UNICEF-WHO Philippines: Measles Outbreak, Situation Report 4, 5 March 2019

from World Health Organization, UN Children's Fund
Published on 05 Mar 2019


Current measles outbreak started late 2017 in Mindanao: in 2018, 21,812 cases were reported with 202 deaths. Outbreak and supplementary immunization activities in 2018 were ineffective in addressing the outbreak, as weak routine immunization system resulted in a decrease in overall immunization coverage. The Philippines Department of Health (DoH) declared measles outbreaks in 5 Regions (Region NCR, III, IV-A, VI, VII) on 7 February 2019, whereas cases are being reported from all 17 Regions.

Current Situation

Between 1 January and 2 March 2019, 16,349 measles cases including 261 deaths were officially reported through the DoH routine surveillance system: a 385%% increase with the same time period in 2018 (see Table 1).

With a median age of 2 years old, 56% of measles cases are under 5 years of age. Data from 2018 shows that 10% of cases are between 6 and 15 years of age, whereas 15% are between 16 and 30 years of age. The majority of measles cases are male (53%).

As of 2 March 2019, 61% of cases are not vaccinated.