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UMCOR Hotline 07 Dec 2004: Philippines, DR Congo

Philippines: Residents Flee Flooded Towns
In the northern Philippines multiple typhoons lashed homes, fields, and fisheries last week, leaving some 1,350 people dead or missing. UMCOR recently sent a grant to two of the island nation's episcopal areas to assist with recovery from previous storms. The agency is now assessing additional interventions. Landslides have blocked many roads, hampering relief efforts. You can assist in a meaningful way through a generous contribution to UMCOR Advance #240235, Philippines Emergency.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Bishop Solidifies the Peace

United Methodists in the Democratic Republic of Congo believe food security is a key to the peace agreement that Bishop Ntambo Nkulu helped to broker this September. "The church bought the peace," said the bishop. United Methodist ministries in sustainable agriculture-- growing cabbages (known locally as "Thank-You, Methodists"), raising livestock, and planting moringa trees-- will help strengthen the commitment of fighters not to fight again. Now the bishop is planning for a future where the church can assist with clean water, housing, nutritious food, solid education, and decent livelihoods. See more details on our web site, and participate in Bishop Ntambo's vision with a gift to UMCOR Advance #982188, Sustainable Agriculture and Development.

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