Tzu Chi’s relief action for July earthquake survivors in Philippines

from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Published on 31 Jul 2017

After a major earthquake hit central Philippines on 6 July, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in Philippines immediately head to the area for humanitarian action for the disaster victims. In Kananga's Lim-Ao, Tzu Chi volunteers found residents' homes destroyed beyond repair, and a school that was just rebuilt in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan also deemed dangerous after the recent quake.

In Lim-Ao, many of the residents' homes are destroyed like the school. Edelberto Permangil's family is no exception, as their family of four is now squeezed into one small temporary dwelling.

Orlando Beltran, Lim-Ao Borough office staff, said that:「The residents are still living in fear in of the quake and now Tzu Chi is here, their fears have been calmed.」

After a few surveys of conditions near the quake zones, volunteers quickly held aid distributions in a few of the Ormoc’s boroughs, on this day, they arrived at Milagro to distribute rice for 518 households.

In Lake Danao, which is another disaster zone near Ormoc, the nearly 500 households there have been sent to shelters all over the place. The tent's humid conditions have the Tzu Chi volunteers worried about the local residents' health.

Jing Si folding beds arrived in Ormoc’s Da Ai village ready to be distributed to those in need. After assessment, Tzu Chi distributed 755 Jing Si folding beds to the survivors.

Melissa Gemida, one of Ormoc volunteers, shared that:「I told the residents that they must pray with all their heart to get through this difficulty in life. We can get through the tough days together.」

Michael Siao, another Tzu Chi volunteer, said that:「We want to share with them Tzu Chi's vegetarian ideals, in hopes we not only give them blessings, but also peace and harmony; a chance for them to create fields of blessings and form good affinities with one another.」

Besides the aid distribution, volunteers also promote vegetarianism to the residents, informing them of animals' right to live.

Praying together for a world free of disaster, Tzu Chi volunteers hope these residents leave behind the days of darkness and despair soon.

In the days ahead, Tzu Chi Foundation will continue to conduct disaster assessments and distributions in hopes to help quake victims recover from this natural disaster.

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