Tzu Chi’s humanitarian aid to the displaced victims in Philippines

from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Published on 29 Sep 2017

In the Philippines, there has been a battle against terrorists in Mindanao's Marawi for the past three months. This conflict has seen the death of over 700 and displaced more than 400,000 people. To help the victims get through this difficult time, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in Philippines recently delivered relief supplies, including blankets and clothes. Tzu Chi also has plans for mid- to long-term assistance once the fighting is over.

Judy Lao, one of Tzu Chi volunteers, said that:「We were not able to go to Marawi although we know that there are so many victims at this moment in time because of this conflict. Tzu Chi’s love will never end.」

1,000 blankets and 49,800 pieces of new clothing provided by Tzu Chi have already been delivered to northern Marawi's Iligan City. Local charitable organizations will help distribute them to the refugees.

The representative of a local NGO, Sittie, came to the Jing Si Hall in Quezon City to express gratitude:「We are very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation. Now I can say this with a smile on my face. Although the refugees have been receiving relief aid, this is the first time they have received new clothes.」

Besides introducing the prefabricated houses Tzu Chi have built in Leyte Province to Sittie, Tzu Chi volunteers also explain to her the long-term plan they have been preparing for this affected area after the conflict ends. Tzu Chi all hope to help the victims get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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