Typhoon Haiyan Recovery - Day One

from International Relief and Development
Published on 09 Nov 2013 View Original

On Friday, November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms in history, made landfall in the southern Philippines, laying waste to a great swath of the country. Some estimates are that 10,000 or more may have died and more than 10 million are now affected. Initial reports indicate difficulty accessing remote areas to locate survivors. Roads are destroyed or blocked with debris and affected communities have limited communications.

“First, our thoughts are with the Philippine people,” said IRD President and CEO Arthur Keys. “We are in communication with our Philippine country representative as well as our community-based development partners like the Salesian Missions who work in the Philippines and are prepared to send relief and recovery assistance through local networks of Philippine partners. IRD will respond in any way we can to be helpful.”

Dr. Keys added that IRD staff and partners are currently conducting assessments on the ground, and noted that IRD has an extensive network of in-kind pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, hygiene kits, and other relief supplies like oral rehydration salts already positioned for disaster response. “We’ll be smart about how we’re providing relief,” Keys said. “We will base our donations and response on what our staff and partners tell us is most urgently needed on the ground. We know from experience that with this level of devastation, survivors will have many needs on the long road to recovery.”

The best way to send help now in this emergency relief operation is to donate cash to IRD to support our relief efforts. IRD and its partners are assessing what kind of assistance is most needed and where we need to deliver it. So please donate now, here: www.ird.org/haiyan

Thank you for your support.