Typhoon Haiyan 2013: Work Report 2

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Situation Update

It has been more than 1 week after Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in Guiuan in Eastern Samar, Philippines on Friday 8 November 2013. The Philippines authorities have reported that as of 18 November, the death toll is about 4,000 people, and over 10.3 million people have been affected by the storm across 44 provinces with over 571,000 houses completely destroyed. And out of over 4 million people displaced, approximately 353,000 people are in 1,550 evacuation centres.

The typhoon has caused devastating impact on the population especially in coastal areas in Leyte and also in, provinces of Samar, Northern Cebu, Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan and Palawan. Many of the affected areas are still experiencing access difficulty as roads are still to be fully cleared and airports congested, delaying the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected people.

The priorities in the worst affected areas include transporting and distributing food, water, emergency shelter materials, medicine, hygiene kits, and body bags, as well as establishing family tracing services. Delay in access to affected populations increases the likelihood of deterioration of health and nutrition of affected populations with potential outbreak of diseases.

Red Cross Actions The following actions have been completed since 12 November 2013:

Philippines Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) chapters have provided hot food to over 8,000 people in evacuation centres and food packages to additional over 5,000 people; PRC have established 20 Welfare Desks including Restoring Family Links and tracing services in evacuation centers, to date over 25,000 people have been assisted with this program; Over 400 PRC staff and 2,000 volunteers have been mobilized to support relief activities, 29 PRC chapters in the affected areas are operational, supported by an additional of 14 chapters from across the country; PRC has supported the supply of blood to people affected in central Visayas and appealed for a national wide blood donation campaign for 2,500 donors per day.

International Red Cross

Emergency Appeal was launched by International Red Cross on 12 November for a total of CHF 87 million (approximately HKD 730 million) to support 136,000 families (approximately 680,000 people) with food, clean water, shelter and other essential relief over a period of 18 months;
A total of 93 tons of relief supplies including vehicles, tarpaulins, hygiene parcels and jerry cans has been airlifted to the Philippines. Food and non-food distribution is well underway and figures will be provided in the next work report; Various Red Cross societies have deployed over 100 staff for overseas to engage in the operation coordination, emergency assessment and response team. At present, 11 Emergency Response Units (ERUs) are deployed and alerted with the capacity in logistics, IT/telecom, relief, health care, and water and sanitation to fill the service gaps in the most affected areas; A three-member RFL team was deployed to the PRC in their tracing program.

Hong Kong Red Cross Actions

The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has launched an emergency appeal to the Hong Kong public since 12 November for donations to support its typhoon relief operations in the areas. HKRC also staged street fundraising activities in five spots across the territory today. As of 18 November a total of HKD 9.06 million has been received from the generosity of HK public. In view of the massive number of people and areas affected, the relief operations are extensive with vast needs. The HKRC urges the public to continue making donations to support the operation.

The initial HK$500,000 allocated earlier by the HKRC for emergency relief in the Philippines has been used to provide 3,250 family hygiene kits, benefiting about 16,250 people affected. Each kit contains daily hygiene necessities such as soaps, towels, tooth paste and brushes, toilet paper and razors, for a family of 5 for one month.

HKRC has confirmed deployment of 4 medical volunteers to support International Red Cross to the Philippines to deliver emergency health care service to the affected population. Two medical volunteers have arrived in Leyte and Cebu last week while the other two will be arriving in the field in the middle of this week. All the four volunteers will serve an initial period of 4 weeks.

Emergency tracing service is offered to people in Hong Kong looking for missing families in the Philippines due to this disaster. Up to November 18, a total of 136 cases have been received.

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