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Turkey’s Humanitarian Aid Reaches to Philippines

(11 - 12 November 2013)

Humanitarian aid supplies sent by Turkish Prime Ministry AFAD reached to typhoon-ravaged Philippines.

Upon the instructions of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Deputy PM Beşir ATALAY and AFAD President Dr. Fuat OKTAY flew to Philippines to coordinate Turkey’s relief works on the ground.

Turkish humanitarian aid, coordinated by AFAD and prepared by Turkish Red Crescent, consists of 550 tents, 550 food kits and 5125 blankets and was delivered to Philippines Red Cross in Manila. The Chairman of Philippines Red Cross Richard J. GORDON expressed his gratitude to swift aid campaign of Turkey. “Turkey, once a glorious empire, regaining its former power and becomes an influential country in Europe and Middle East. Turkey, showing a great progress in recent years, is also a great example for us. We express our gratitude to this country, for mobilizing its efforts to help us from thousands of miles away.” he said.

Turkish Deputy PM Beşir ATALAY and AFAD President Dr. Fuat OKTAY made observations in the affected area and briefed by Philippines Red Cross Secreteary-General Gwendolyn PANG on latest developments.

Deputy PM Beşir ATALAY met with Philippines Vice-President Jejomar BINAY and reiterated the Turkish relief efforts to Philippines will continue, under the coordination of AFAD. Deputy PM Beşir ATALAY and AFAD President Dr. Fuat OKTAY will also held bilateral meetings with UN USG for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie AMOS and other high-level representatives to widen and enhance relief efforts within the shortest time.

Haiyan Typhoon which struck Philippines on November 8 estimated to affect 11.3 million people and leave 670 thousand people displaced. Many buildings are seriously damaged and power lines are damaged badly.