Tacloban North - Environmental situation and recommendations regarding the dumpsite Santo Niño

Åsa Granath, Environmental Advisor, UN OCHA granath@un.org

Thorsten Kallnischkies (thorsten.kallnischkies@undp.org) UNDP Disaster Waste Management Team

1. Background/Introduction

UN Habitat supports the city of Tacloban in the planning process for a “Comprehensive land-use plan, 2013-2022” in an area north of Tacloban. The preliminary plan is to relocate 7000 families (figures up to 100 000 people have been mentioned) to the area.

The municipal dumpsite of Tacloban, Santo Niño, is situated within the planned area. UN Habitat and the city of Tacloban have requested support to identify key environmental issues that should be looked into when working on the further planning of the area.

The municipality of Tacloban is looking into finding a new location for a landfill. This process and the construction will take a couple of years and dumping of waste at Santo Niño will continue until the new landfill is operational.

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