Responding to Tropical Storms in the Philippines

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Published on 27 Jan 2018 View Original


In December 2017, Tropical Storms brought devastation to the Philippines triggering devastating mudslides and flooding.

When Storm Kai-tak, known as Urduja in the Philippines, made landfall in early December, it released two months of rainfall within 48 hours. Thousands of families were forced to flee after the storm destroyed over 30,000 homes.

Not out of danger

But after the storm subsided, families were still not out of danger. Just a few days later, a second storm developed in the West Pacific Ocean.

Tembin, also known as Vinta in the Philippines, left a second trail of destruction, killing more than 240 people, displacing over 70,000 and damaging houses and livelihoods.

A ShelterBox response team was soon on the ground carrying out needs assessments and initial distributions. We have been distributing a variety of aid items such as ShelterBoxes, ShelterKits, water carriers and solar lights to support those families that need our help the most.



Within just a few weeks of the storms hitting, our response teams were on the ground with Rotary International, assessing needs to find out whether families could safely stay where they were and what they would need in order to continue being there.

Watch the video to hear from Dave Ray, A ShelterBox Response Team member reporting on the ground.


36 ShelterBoxes have arrived in the Philippines, for families affected by flooding and mudslides caused by Tropical Storm Kai-tak.

In this video, a ShelterBox Response Team is marking out the site and planning where temporary shelters can be, making sure all families have enough space to live.

The team are providing temporary shelters to large families previously staying in crowded makeshift structures that have no water or cooking facilities.

Watch as Anna Dixie brings you the latest from Biliran Island.


Distributions start in Caibiran, helping 36 of the many families that have lost everything through landslides and floods.

In this update we join the ShelterBox team on the ground, where they are providing ShelterBoxes and helping families to put up their tents in sites earlier marked out by Response Team members.

ShelterBox volunteer, Pat Prendergast, brings you an update.


This video was filmed in the Almaria municipality in Biliran island, where a ShelterBox Response Team is working alongside local Rotary contacts to distribute shelter materials.

Here we see 229 families who lost their homes and livelihoods after Tropical Storm Kai-tak receiving aid including ShelterKits, solar lights, water carriers, mosquito nets and blankets.

Watch the video from Dave Ray who reports from on the ground.