Responding to tropical storm Sedong

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When tropical storm Sedong hit the Philippines in December 2011, the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) through member ACF and with support from ECHO extended its presence in the country in order to fill important gaps in coordination and to provide technical support.

Tropical storm Sedong

From the very first stage of the emergency, the CaLP’s support was appropriate and effective in addressing the needs of stakeholders and filling gaps in coordination.

With markets still accessible and functioning, numerous organizations developed cash-based responses to meet the needs of those affected by disasters. With many different organizations using different modalities and mechanisms of transfer in the same or in neighboring areas, and in areas where in-kind distributions were also being carried out, there was an immediate need for effective coordination and information management. In addition, and in parallel to the high number of humanitarian and governmental actors involved, the volume of private donations from the entire country was very high. This increased the complexity of context of intervention.