Report on the effects of landslide and flooding incidents in Visayas and Mindanao

Situation Report
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1. Background (Chronology of Incidents)
The presence of low pressure area and inter-tropical convergence zones in the western part of the country triggered the occurrence of continuous heavy rains from December 15-22, 2003 in Mindanao and Visayas areas

As a result, flooding/flashfloods occurred affecting Agusan del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Surigao del Sur, Surigao del Norte, Misamis Oriental, South Cotabato, Bohol, Butuan City, and Surigao City.

Dec 18, 2003 2 landslides occurred in Ti'boli, South Cotabato and Monkayo, Compostela Valley and a sea mishap involving 2 ships M/V Our Lady of Paradise carrying 265 passengers and Cebu Princess in Nasipit Bay, Agusan del Norte.

On Dec 19, 2003, 4 landslides occurred, 3 in Southern Leyte and 1 in Compostela Valley and a tornado (Buhawi) in Southern Leyte.

December 20,2003, 5 fishing boats were reported missing in Quezon Province. These fishing boats were MV Viva Arwin, MV Island Breeze I, M/B Maricel, MV San Miguel and MV Polaris. These vessels were reportedly caught by strong winds and big waves near Polilio Island.

On December 21 another sea mishap occurred involving a motor launch ML "Piary" at the vicinity of Brookes Point, Palawan.

December 21, 2003, another 2 landslides occurred in New Bataan and Mt Diwata, Monkayo all of Compostela Valley.

2. Effects

2.1 Areas Affected

Eighty one (81) municipalities, 5 cities and 509 barangays were affected in 11 provinces in Regions VII, VIII, XI, XII and CARAGA with 75,710 families or 344,077 persons affected. (Please see Tab A for details)

Out of the number affected, 3,624 families or 17,888 persons were evacuated to 14 evacuation centers established in respective areas.

2.2 Casualities

Southern Leyte suffered most because of the 3 successive landslides in the municipalities of Liloan, San Ricardo and San Francisco with 154 dead and 37 injured persons, compared to Agusan and Surigao Provinces with 44 dead and 8 injured persons due to flashflood/flooding.

Southern Leyte
Compostela Valley
South Cotabato
Agusan and Surigao Provinces

2.3 Damage to Houses

Partially Damaged
Totally Destroyed

2.4. Damage to Infrastructure, Agriculture and Private Properties

Private Prop
.010 M
P 468.587M

3. Emergency Management Activities

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, together with Chairman, NDCC, Administrator, OCD and Executive Officer, NDCC, and other concerned agencies immediately visited Southern Leyte on December 23, 2003 to actually assess the situation.

PGMA, during her visit in Southern Leyte, distributed relief goods in San Francisco and gave her instructions to the Chairman, NDCC and AFP Engineering Brigade the immediate putting up of the destroyed houses of the victims utilizing the confiscated logs; Secretary, DSWD to provide livelihood assistance to the victims; and Secretary, DENR to assist families living along the Moro Fault line in Southern Leyte and relocating of victims to a safer places.

Further instructed to extend monetary assistance to the principals of schools being used as temporary evacuation centers. P50,000.00 worth of check was turned over by OCD Region VIII to Ms. Gina S Sajol, principal of Pinut-an Elementary School, San Ricardo

Through the existing network of NDCC with UN-OCHA, there was an influx of offer of assistance from the international community. Our efforts at networking with UN-OCHA and other UN agencies have paid off well for the NDCC was able to generate donations/ pledges in cash and in kind from UN agencies like UNDP and UNICEF and 6 foreign countries such as: United States, Germany, China, Japan, Korea and Belgium.

The Administrator, OCD met the UN Disaster Management Team (UN-DMT) led by the UN Resident Coordinator (UNRC) in the Philippines on December 24, 2003 to discuss the situation and possible areas of assistance and collaboration for the short, medium and long-term measures that could be jointly undertaken.

The NDCC orchestrated the disaster operations in the affected regions through the concerned Regional Disaster Coordinating Councils and Provincial Disaster Coordinating Councils (PDCCs) in the affected regions.

The activities undertaken by the respective PDCCs were conduct of search and rescue, retrieval, relief and recovery operations, conduct of damage and needs assessment, provision of relief assistance, conduct of clearing operations, and restoration of damaged lifelines such as: power, transportation and communication facilities. The above activities had been effected through the concerted efforts of concerned emergency responders and service providers who worked hand in hand with PDCCs, and local DCC members.

3.1 Search, Rescue and Retrieval Operations

The Armed Forces of the Philippines, through its local units/stations in Southern Leyte and 4 provinces of CARAGA Region, conducted search and rescue (SAR) and retrieval operations in coordination with respective local DCC teams in said provinces.

So far, as of January 7, 2004, 207 identified dead bodies and 54 injured bodies were retrieved from the rubble of landslide and flooded areas, 27 survivors of the M/L Piary which capsized at Brookes Point, Palawan were rescued, and 639 families or 2,908 individuals were evacuated to 14 evacuation centers established in affected areas.

3.2 Relief and Recovery Operations

The NDCC facilitated the release of 3,100 sacks of rice to concerned PDCCs and local DCCs: Agusan del Norte (500), Southern Leyte (1,700 and assorted medicines worth P102,685.50), Surigao del Norte (400), Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley (500), to support the relief and recovery operations in said provinces. The rice were withdrawn from the NFA warehouses near the affected areas.

NDCC-OCD facilitated the airlift accommodation of assorted relief goods provided by DSWD, DOH, other GOs, media (ABS-CBN, DZRH, DZRJ), NGOs and other private offices that directly distributed their relief goods to the affected areas on December 26 and 28, 2003 and January 4, 2004.

On January 5, 6 and 7, 2004, 3 sorties of C-130 PAF Plane airlifted 4 OCD personnel with 36,831.28 lbs of assorted relief goods to Tacloban City and Surigao City. The OCD personnel distributed 13,020.44 to the victims of Southern Leyte and 23,810,841 lbs to the flood victims in 4 provinces of CARAGA.

Another 33,975.50 lbs of relief goods donated by DSWD (tents, plastic sheets, and blankets), ABS-CBN Foundation (food packages), DZRH (water and food), Good shepherd Convent (relief goods), and St Paul of Charities (food packs) will be transported to Southern Leyte and Surigao the Philippine Navy ship "LST 505" on January 15, 2004.

So far, 6 sorties of C-130 flight made by PAF-AFP through the coordination of OCD-NDCC since the start of the relief and recovery operations with 91,480.50 lbs airlifted and shipped to Tacloban City and Surigao City.

Monetary value of local donations that were coming from the national and local agencies, LGUs, local DCCs, NGOs (PNRC), media (ABS-CBN), business establishments, and civic-minded citizens has no costing.

The above donations had contributed a lot in meeting the needs and requirements in Southern Leyte, CARAGA Provinces and Davao Provinces.

Extent of Assistance

As of January 12, 2004, the amount of relief assistance received and distributed to the victims of flashfloods and landslides has amounted to P 44,223,736.95.

Amount of Assistance
International Assistance (cash and in kind)
NDCC Rice Assistance(3,125 sacks rice, medicines)
Local and National Agencies (assorted food packages,financial assistance,assorted medicines and cadaver bags)
Assorted Donation from NGOs and Civic-mindedCitizens (vials (anti-biotic), used clothing, cash assistance for dead victims, sleeping mats,assorted groceries and packed foods)
Locally-Generated Donations in Region VIII (assorted food and non food items)
P 44,223,736.95

3.3 Damage and Needs Assessment

3.3.1 Damage Assessment

At the national level, two (2) joint UN-NDCC Assessment teams were simultaneously deployed to Southern Leyte, Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Norte on January 7, 2004 to conduct a three-day Damage and Needs Assessment Mission in areas affected by the landslide and flooding incidents to determine what possible assistance the UN could extend to the affected areas and people. Areas of assessment cover health, environment, agriculture and disaster management.

Team A (Southern Leyte Team) and Team B (CARAGA Team) are composed of representatives from WHO, FAO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and OCD-NDCC. Damage and needs assessment will be submitted by the concerned teams Copy of the UN Teams finding will be submitted in separate report.

At the local level, the PDCC of Southern Leyte initially conducted damage and needs assessment . Per initial assessment, the damages incurred on infrastructure, agriculture and houses amounted to P37,809,750.00.

Brief description of damages incurred in the following municipalities were noted as follows:

San Francisco

Five (5) barangays beyond Bgy Punta namely: Cuasi Marayag, Malico, Bongawisan and Pinamudlan in San Francisco with 328 families residents were isolated due to damaged national road from Bgy Punta, San Francisco to Bilatan, San Ricardo. The municipality of Silago was also isolated due to the collapse of Ingan Bridge and Cawi Bridge along the National Highway .NIA Dike along the area of Bgy Dakit, was destroyed. .


DENR reported that the wedge created by previous landslides in Liloan will eventually fall. Two (2) sections with large piles from landslides along the national highway to Liloan proper will eventually fall There were 2 coconut trees blocked the highway (1 in Bgy Magaupas and 1 in Bgy Mayuga). Two (2) bridges from Bgy Estella to Bgy Maugok were damaged

Maasin City

Bgy Lomoy - area near the 80-degree slope with crack has to be vacated as soon as possible

San Ricardo

Spillway between Bgys Esperanza and Pinut-an and the provincial road along Bgy Bilatan to Bgy Pinut-an were reported damaged by flood and other bridges along the national highway were also slightly damaged

Libagon and Panaon Island

Canals from Libagon onwards to Panaon Island were blocked with soils due to landslides that will impound water and overflow from hillside to the highway which will further destroy the concrete highways. A box type culvert is exposed along Libagon section of the national highway

St Bernard -- Camana Bridge was destroyed

3.3.2 Needs Assessment

The following MDCCs had initially assessed their needs as follows:

San Ricardo

More than 109 houses need to be relocated as they lie along hazardous areas /line of the landslides (94 in Bgy Pinut-an, 3 in Bgy Look, 8 in Bgy Esperanza) and undetermined number yet to be identified by DENR. Although most houses are still standing, they need to be relocated. Construction of bailey bridge is recommended due to damaged spillway. Two (2) large cracks in Bgys Kinachawa and Look need to be assessed by DENR

San Francisco

Dikes at Bgys Gabi, Dakit and Kahayag require temporary re channeling by Provincial Engineering Office, Southern Leyte

3.4. Proposed Rehabilitation

PNRC-NHQ in coordination with PDCC SOLERT will initiate the Community-Based Disaster Management Training (CBDMT) to BLGUs and MLGUs

PNRC will appeal to international donors who have offered assistance in community building (construction of planned communities with new houses and facilities in relocation areas). Funds collected by PNRC (50,000 USD from UN, 45,000 Swiss Francs from Geneva and 16,000 USD from Danish Government) will be used for medium and long term goals for San Ricardo

The Provincial Water and Sanitation Team will recommend a long term water concerns in San Francisco.

The Gawad Kalinga project of Couples for Christ has expressed willingness to participate in the community development of a long term plan.

Organizations that have offered assistance in rebuilding the landslide-stricken communities: PNRC, IRC-Geneva, Switzerland, PLAN International, Board Member of Pampanga, Lilian Pineda also pledged 100 homes (50 for San Ricardo and 50 for San Francisco, United Nation, US Government, Danish Government, Gawad Kalinga - Couples for Christ and CFC Mandaue who donated P300,000.00.

Seventy five (75) families will avail core shelter assistance in San Francisco (69 in Punta, 2 in Poblacion and 3 in Cuasi)

NFA will deploy 3 additional rolling stores to San Francisco, Liloan and San Ricardo to augment supplies of rice in the area

Solicited free of charge advertisement from Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Southern Leyte Times and Sunstar Daily to express thanks and gratitude to various donors for the assistance given to affected population.

4. Services Rendered by Local DCCs Concerned - (Table E enclosed for details)

5. Status of Lifelines

Damaged lifelines such as power, transportation, communication and water facilities in all affected areas affected had already been restored by concerned agencies.

6. Issues and Concerns

Impassable roads hampered the immediate delivery of basic relief services in the affected areas.

Power outages in the affected municipalities of southern Leyte and bad weather condition hampered the prompt retrieval of and recovery of dead bodies buried by landslides , lack of communication facilities for immediate response operations, immediate relocation of families in high risk areas and imbalance reforestation.

7. Recommendations

Immediate clearing of roads, use of sea vessels to transport relief and man power support., immediate power restoration, provision of sophisticated communication facilities in the affected areas, immediate relocation of high risk families to safer areas and balance reforestation.

8. Lessons Learned

The emergency management activities undertaken proved to be a success as all line cooperating agencies, private sectors, NGOs and media had greatly shared their manpower, materials and equipment to Southern Leyte during its battle to counteract from the effects of landslide and flooding incidents.

Local and international donations generated so far, are sufficient enough to sustain the needs and requirements of the victims as far as recovery and rehabilitation are concerned.

9. Areas Declared Under a State of Calamity

Jabonga and RT Romualdez in Agusan del Norte, Tandag in Surigao del Sur, Southern Leyte, Surigao del Norte and Tagum City were declared under State of Calamity authorizing respective LGUs to utilize 5% local Calmity Fund for relief and rehabilitation operations.