Relentless typhoon strikes the Phillipines

Over a three week period, four disastrous typhoons and a series of tropical storms have caused widespread damage across the Philippines.
Caritas Internationalis, of which Trócaire is a member, has launched a $200,000 USD appeal to provide essential emergency relief to 3,000 families.

The number of deaths caused by the consecutive typhoons has reached 400, excluding those people who are still missing. The amount of damage done to property, livestock, and sources of livelihood is being assessed in billions of US dollars. In just one section of the country, Mindoro, more than ten thousand families were left homeless in the wake of the first typhoon. People are temporarily staying in school buildings, makeshift houses, or evacuation centres.

The majority of the displaced families need financial assistance for the repair or reconstruction of their homes. All the displaced are in need of food and medicine, as well as clothing, kitchen utensils, blankets, mats for sleeping, and mosquito nets. Caritas has already distributed rice, dried fish, and other goods to nine of the effected diocese, but is seeking further financial assistance through the appeal to reach more people in need and to provide other essential items, such as medicine.

Caritas Internationalis, of which Trócaire is a part, is a confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development, and social service organisations present in over 200 countries and territories