Red Cross provides psychosocial support to families and relatives of sank off ship, MV Starlite Atlantic

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The Philippine Red Cross (PRC), through its Welfare Service, provided psychosocial support to the families and relatives of the missing crew members of the MV StarliteAtlantic in Batangas Port yesterday, December 28.

The ship sank off the coast of Batangas at the height of Typhoon Nina on December 26. Upon instructed of PRC Chairman Richard Gordon, Welfare Service of National Headquarters together with PRC Batangas Chapter mobilized a team and provided psychosocial support to 14 survivors (captain, chief engineer, cadet crew members), 53 families and relatives of the missing crew and 11 employees of Starlite Atlantic.

PRC also provided a medical and welfare desk to assist the relatives of the missing crew members.

"Welfare Service is one of the pillars of the Philippine Red Cross, and the psychosocial support is an important part of its program to help people cope with different crisissituation with the help of our social workers and volunteers who are well trained, we get our work done easily in supporting the families in easing the pain and problems they suffer from," said Chairman Gordon.

Psychosocial support refers to actions that address the psychological and social needs of individuals, families and communities to mitigate the impact of critical events. With this, PRC provides psychological first aid that assists the immediate family members of the victims in the aftermath of disasters, emergencies and crisis situations.

"We sympathize with the families and relatives of the missing crew members of MV StarliteAtlantica. During the height of Typhoon Nina, they were also battered by strong winds and heavy rains and we, at the PRC will make sure that help and needed support will be given to the families and relatives," said Atty. Oscar Palabyab, PRC Secretary General.